Like any modern business, client feedback and reviews are paramount to the success of that business.  My business is no different.

With any reviews, some people are happy to give a video testimonial, some are happy to fill out my evaluation form.  Some like to write cards, or send an email or text with just their name.  Whilst some people prefer to write a review, but stay anonymous.

Whichever way people choose to do them is fine. However, the one thing I am extremely grateful for, is the time, effort and honesty all of my clients have given through their reviews, personal recommendations and suggestion to family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, to work with me.  This has enable my business to be the success it is today in 2017; from when I first started out in 2007.

Because in a nutshell.  Without my clients – I wouldn’t have a business.

So, I invite you to read from a selection of my reviews that I have published below. And for you to come and share my clients successes, by choosing to work with me.  And for you to add your name to the ever growing list of reviews from happy, satisfied and pain free clients.

Julie x

After a session with Julie I just can’t believe the difference it made to my chronic back pain which is due to having Scoliosis all my life & the problems it causes such as arthritis & degenerative disc disease & hip related pain.I really wasn’t expecting to feel so different & literally pain free after just one session. I am aware though that I still have problems & will always have to be careful.

In the past I have had countless steroid injections in the spine & also Radiofrequency (Burning of the nerves) none of which has worked so I still can’t believe the immediate pain relief I felt after Julie’s session.

For the first time in years I wasn’t woken up in the night by very painful back spasms.

I can’t pretend to understand how it’s works but it does.

After the session I felt relaxed & tired & as Julie explains life’s experiences can affect are well being.

Anonymous Northampton lady

Scoliosis & Arthritis

Thank you for helping my mum out x  And I will be back in September as I’m doing great, feel like my bowels are normal for first time in years, and starting to truly believe in my self and its a good feeling xx

Text message from Sara ~ Northampton UK

Ulcerated Colitis

I have been suffering from osteoarthritis in both hips for the past 3 years, which will eventually lead to hip replacements.I have been in pain, mostly when overdoing things, like too much walking, and every night whilst lying on my left side, which is my favourite side.

I was asked recently, if I wanted to be a volunteer in a new thing called Old Pain To Go in Ruskington, Lincs. Which I was told will get rid of my arthritic pain, and I jumped at the chance (No pun intended) and I was invited to the house, where I was going to be having the therapy session.

Not sure what to expect, I was greeted warmly by the owner – Steven Blake, and sat down and I was told what will be happening during my therapy, which seemed very straightforward and explanatory. I was then told to stand up and close my eyes, and the lady who saw to me, started to talk quietly and calmly to me, telling me what to do. After about 5 minutes or so, I suddenly felt my legs buckle, which I was already told would happen, and I was held by the lady, who stopped me from falling, and told me that was the therapy working, and that was the session over.

Since then, I have been able to get a whole nights sleep on my left side, without waking in the middle of the night to turn over because of the pain.I have had a couple of pains in my hips since, which is due to me overdoing things, like too much walking, and I’ve been told that is normal, and It’s classed as a new pain, which is a safety barrier, telling me not to overdo it.

All in all, I have been amazed at how quick the session can be and the result of it. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from any pain that has been checked by the doctor.

Email from Robin Timms ~ Northampton UK

Arthritis in Hips

Finding Julie truly turned my world around and I can honestly say that making the decision to contact her was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I clicked with Julie straight away, felt safe and knew I could trust her – she’s calm, honest, bubbly and has such a great sense of humour (what more could you want from a therapist?!). The Anxiety Blaster Programme has been perfect for me, it’s extremely informative and gives you all the tools you need to conquer anxiety and I still can’t get over how much I’ve learnt and also how much I’m enjoying the entire process! Julie, you’re an incredible woman and I will be eternally grateful for all of your support, thank you for giving me a new lease of life x

Email from Helen Mann ~ Northampton UK

Blushing & Anxiety