Financial / Money based problems

What I have found is many people struggle with money in their businesses.  And most of the time it is tied in with the emotions, and the two of them together work hand-in-hand. Listed below are some of the most common financial / monetary problems people consult me for.

  • Not recognising your own true worth
  • Not believing people will pay for your products or services
  • Believe you are not good enough to charge for your products or services
  • Believe you don’t deserve to earn lots of money
  • Undercharging
  • Always discounting your products or services
  • Giving away your products or services for free
  • Feel guilty charging for your products or services
  • Feels embarrassed talking about money
  • Feels uncomfortable talking about your financial T&C’s of your business
  • Not chasing up outstanding invoices / debt / supplies
  • Not charging interest on outstanding invoices or debt
  • Afraid to invest in your business
  • Too mean to spend money
  • Afraid to spend money
  • Spends too much money without thinking of the consequences