Confidence Grows Your MoneyHello, my name is Julie Leatherland and I am one of the UK’s leading female Money Mindset specialists.

I have been in business since 2007, helping both men and women people with their money stresses, anxieties and associated problems from all over the world, in both people’s business and personal lives.

I am qualified in Bookkeeping, Accounts and Business Administration, and have hands-on and practical experience in running my business; doing my own accounts and  administration, and also completing my own yearly Self-Assessment for the HMRC for the past 10 years.

I  worked as a Financial Controller in a large Casino for 8 years, preparing all the casino accounts from purchasing, Credit Control and the preparation of monthly accounts, to be sent to Head Office Management Accounts team.

I still work ad hoc as a Foreign Exchange Money Advisor for Travelex, to keep my hand-in, and because I enjoy it.

So, how do I work?  As a person, I am well known and highly respected for my direct, call a spade a spade, authoritarian, no-nonsense practical, yet empathetic and caring style of working. This is alongside my really good sense of humour and sense of fun, with an element of madness thrown in, that I like to bring into my sessions when I am working with my clients – and what they love and adore about me!

I work by coaching, training and therapeutically supporting you to challenge, push and motivate yourself to facilitate change.  In a structured and logical way.  By putting you firmly in the driving seat to taking action, in a mindful and respectful way.


So, how do I achieve all this?  What I offer is a modern, dynamic, action packed, solution focused approach, that is all about being in the present moment, by helping you to understand what your actual money problem belief is, where it stems from, why you are maintaining it, and most importantly, by helping you to get to the very root of your money anxiety problem in hand.  And thus working towards getting rid of it once and for all, in a fast, effective and permanent way.

This style of working is ideal for those who don’t want the traditional re-hashing the same old shit from the past, over-and-over again type of counselling therapeutic approach.  Or for those who don’t want to spend weeks, months or years in therapy without any kind of structure or end goal in sight.

What I do provides is an innovative and interactive hands-on structured approach to my 1-2-1 sessions that you have with me.

I endeavour to ensure our sessions are full-on, proactive and interactive, and are designed to stimulate, question and challenge you on both a psychological, emotional and practical level, with lots of hands on experience to give you focus and for you to take action.

My approach is certainly not for the faint hearted, or those looking for a magic wand, a one trick pony, or for those who want something “done” to them, and is not prepared to put the required time and effort in. You have been warned!

What I really like about myself is I my genuinely love of people and the passion I have in helping them be the very best that they can be, with what they have.

In a nutshell – you get what you see on the tin!

Confidence grows your money.

My Professional CV and Training

2009 – Present           Positive Money Mindset Coach

2012 – 2015                Thrive Business Training, Coaching and Advisor

2010 – Present            Coaching Certification

2009 – Present            Foreign Exchange Money Advisor

2007 – Present            Started own Therapy business

2006 – 2009                 Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy training

2006 – 2006                 Sage Line 50 Accounts

2005 – 2006                 City & Guilds Bookkeeping & Accounts Qualification (with Distinction)

2004 – 2008                 Branch Administrator and Financial Controller of a large Casino (120+ staff)

2004 – 2006                 Business Adminstration training

2000 – 2008                 Financial Controller of large Casino (120+ staff)

1998 – 2000                 Head Cashier and Regional Trainer of large retail shop (Index – The Catalogue Store)