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Hello and welcome.  My name is Julie Leatherland – and my business in a nutshell, is I am your job search stress eliminator.  That is I help you to eliminate those unwanted stresses and anxieties once and for all.  So that you can get back on track and focus on getting the job, career or lifestyle you truly want, desire or dream of.

This is what I do!

So, how do I achieve this?  I always say tongue-in-cheek, that in essence, there are just three primary reasons why people seek professional help from me regarding their job search stress.  And they all seem to tie in together. These three primary reasons are:


They want to start something

They want to stop something

They want to improve something



So, what do YOU want to achieve from Julie helping YOU to eliminate YOUR job search stress and anxiety?  Do YOU want to …


  1. Feel calm
  2. Feel confident
  3. Feel in control
  4. Feel happy
  5. Feel relaxed
  6. Feel more determined
  7. Feel much more hopeful
  8. Be much more positive and upbeat
  9. Be more self-accepting



If the answer is YES … Then I can help YOU.  This is achieved by using a wide range of tried and tested teaching, training, coaching, therapeutic and psychological approaches, methodologies and techniques to suit your personal preference, style of working and personality type.  That will help you to change the way you think, feel, believe, react and behave, about yourself and your attitude and mindset around job hunting.I don’t believe in the one size fits all approach.  So, what I offer are highly personalised sessions , that works with your presenting problem, your goals and aspirations and the outcome you are wanting to achieve.


    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius



    For further information on how you can get the job of your dreams. Go ahead and contact Julie by phone, text, email, or Skype Message for a private, no obligation chat.

    M: (+44) 0777 603 1332

    E:  [email protected] 

    SKYPE ID:  Julie Leatherland / Anxiety Blaster



    AND REMEMBER … “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”–Norman Vincent Peale